Kawasaki BlueBird TJ 27 E I 27cc

Kawasaki BlueBird TJ 27 E I 27cc

SKU: TJ 27 E I

TJ 27 E I

Always attentive and oriented toward continuous research, Blue Bird Industries designed a range of brushcutters that can satisfy every user and adapt to any needs and working conditions. These products belong to one of the historical lines of Blue Bird, appreciated for years by the professionals and continuously improved with the help of those who use these machines in the woods, in parks and gardens. For this reason, particular attention was paid to safety, ergonomics and quality, reducing vibrations and noise level.

Bluebird has collaborated for years with the most prestigious engine manufacturers in the world. In particular, the long-standing partnership with Kawasaki has continued for more than 10 years. The combination of the Kawasaki engine with the transmission shaft produced in Italy by Blue Bird, makes up a machine of the highest professional quality.