Toro STEEL DECK RECYCLER® Self-Propelled Lawnmower 55cm/22"

Toro STEEL DECK RECYCLER® Self-Propelled Lawnmower 55cm/22"

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Toro® Recycler® mowers are a cut above your ordinary mulching mowers. The patented Recycler cutting system processes clippings up to 15 times before they are forced back into the turf where they decompose quickly and provide nutrients and moisture to the soil. Rear collection comes as standard too, for when conditions are not ideal for recycling (for example, at the start or end of the season, when the grass may be longer).


  • Briggs & Stratton Series 675EXi 163 cc engine provides easy-to-start, reliable power
  • Recycle-on-Demand gives you the ability to switch between Recycle and Collect modes with an easy to use lever
  • 3-IN-1 VERSATILITY, Use the mower as Recycler® mulching mower, to collect grass or in side discharge mode
  • AutoMatic Drive System (ADS) senses and smoothly adjusts to your walking speed, even on slopes
    • Engine - Briggs & Stratton Series 675EXi 163cc
    • Easy Pull Recoil Start
    • 3 in 1 Steel Deck with Integrated Mulch Plug and Rear Discharge
    • Drive System - AutoMatic Drive System (ADS) with optional traction assist
    • 4-Point Height of Cut 25 to 102mm
    • Cutting Width 55cm (22”)
    • Bag Capacity 75Ltr
    • Drive System - Automatic Drive System (ADS) with traction assist
    • Deck Material - Steel Deck
    • Washout Port - Standard
    • Weight - 36 kg
    • Height - 38.1 cm
    • Length - 88.9 cm
    • Width - 58 cm
  • Recycle/Bag-on-Demand

    With our innovative Bag-On-Demand feature, you can switch from mulching to bagging in seconds with a flip of the quick-change lever – and the bag can stay mounted in either mode. Thanks to an open single-piece handle design, you can quickly and easily remove and reinstall the bag.

     AutoMatic Drive System

    This intelligent drive-technology allows you to work at your own pace – the mower is self propelled but automatically moves as quickly or as slowly as you do, continually adapting to your chosen walking speed, even on slopes.

     Rear Bag and Side Discharge Chute

    Toro’s line of steel deck Recycler® mowers feature a rear bag and side discharge chute for added convenience.

     Patented Toro® Recycler® Cutting System

    Recycling – Good for your Lawn, Good for the Environment The patented design of the cutting chamber and blade repeatedly chops the grass cuttings into tiny pieces and forces them back into the turf where they decompose quickly and provide nutrients and moisture to the soil. Recycling grass clippings or mulching as it’s also known instead of collecting them saves you time, money and effort and is healthier for the planet.

     Washout Port

    The deck washout port is a convenient way to clean the bottom of the deck - maintaining optimum airflow for high performance.


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