Husqvarna 525LK

Husqvarna 525LK

he Husqvarna 525LK is a lightweight trimmer for commercial use. The machine is equipped with Husqvarna's X-TORQ engine. The 525LK is a combination machine, developed for many different types of tasks. Several attachments are available as accessories.


Cylinder displacement

25.4 см³


Cutting width

46.6 cm


Weight (excl. cutting equipment)

4.5 kg

  • Intuitive controls

    The choke and purge are easy to reach and understand.


    X-Torq® engine

    The X-Torq® engine design increases torque over a wider rpm range providing maximum cutting power.


    Detachable shaft

    Detachable shaft for easy transport and storage.


    Smart Start®

    The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. Resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40%.

  • Engine:

    Cylinder displacement 25.4 см³

    Power output

    1 kW

    Maximum power speed

    8500 rpm

    Fuel tank volume

    0.51 l

    Fuel consumption

    600 g/kWh

    Idling speed

    3000 rpm
    Spark plug


    Electrode gap

    0.65 mm

    Torque, max. at rpm

    6000 rpm

    Torque, max.

    1.2 Nm

    Clutch engagement speed (±120)

    4000 rpm

    Maximum rpm output shaft

    6500 rpm

    Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)

    1141 g/kWh[1]



    Gear ratio


    Drive gear angle

    30 °



    Cutting width 46.6 cm



    Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 4.5 kg
    Tube length 1483 mm

    Tube diameter

    24 mm



    Lubricant type Husqvarna 2 stroke or equiv. at 50:1