BCS Rotavator Attachment 52cm

BCS Rotavator Attachment 52cm


Able to produce a fine tilth in even the most challenging conditions.

Combining a proven blade design with a high rotor speed for fantastic results. Available in five widths for a variety of models.

Achieve the perfect ground conditions for growing

The BCS rotavators feature hard wearing tines with a centre knife breaking up the middle ground so that the entire width is rotavated and heavy-duty J-shaped blades allowing you to prevent the formation of a hard pan. This, in combination with a high rotor speed, allows you to achieve a fine seed bed finish. You can also easily adjust the digging depth courtesy of a lever on top of the box.

Stable operation & easy to use

Designed to be used with BCS's power units, you can use the throttle to control your digging speed, allowing you to tailor it to suit the ground conditions. You can, for example, use a slower speed to break up the earth followed by a faster speed to get a finer tilth. The stable design of this rotavator combined with the large wheels on the power unit ensure it is easy to control without necessitating downward pressure.

You can also choose to add a transport wheel to make moving the machine easier, if required, while for safety the rotavator ceases to spin when the power unit is in reverse.

If your power unit has the Implement Quick Coupling fitted, an Additional Coupler is required. The BCS 750 has its own unique coupler. Please refer to the chart below to ensure this rotavator fits your power unit:


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