Kawasaki Gardencare HTO-601R 60cm/24"

Kawasaki Gardencare HTO-601R 60cm/24"

SKU: 5E-HTO-601R

This HTO601R hedgecutter from Gardencare comes equipped with a 600mm/24" double sided blade and an adjustable rear handle for ease of operation. It also comes with an improved anti-vibration throttle control and an impressive Kawasaki TJ 23 V 23cc engine, as well as a robust new gear box.

  • Powered by Kawasaki

    Fitted with a commercial Kawasaki 27cc 2-stroke engine, the HT0601R is designed for tackling even the toughest of jobs. It comes fitted with the Kawasaki designed KAR starting system, meaning your machine starts easily every time. Being Japanese this engine offers unrivalled design and build quality.


    Gardencare Double Sided Blade