Gardencare RSE20 50cm/20" Petrol Scarifier

Gardencare RSE20 50cm/20" Petrol Scarifier

SKU: 5E-RSE20-BS50

The Gardencare RSE20-BS50 Scarifier cuts through turf, removing moss and dead grass. With a 25mm cutting height, ergonomically designed handle and 500mm working width, it’s the perfect machine to aerate and revive even the most tired and spongiest of lawns. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine, like every petrol powered World UK product, the RSE20 scarifier benefits from a conditional, 2-year consumer warranty against material, design and manufacturing defect.


    This scarifier benefits from Briggs & Stratton power. As the world's largest manufacturer of 4-stroke petrol lawnmower engines, Briggs & Stratton has an enviable reputation for producing powerful, reliable and dependable engines. The 750 Series engine fitted to this machine, is no exception and is perfectly matched to this machine.



    The handlebar mounted adjustable throttle control, allows you to power up when extra power is required and power down when it's not... saving fuel and reducing emissions.

  • Operating Height 25mm / 0.99"
    Operating Width 50cm / 20"
    Engine Briggs & Stratton 750 Series
    Transmission Oil bath worm screw and belt
    Handle Adjustment 5 Positions
    Wheel Type Plastic with bearing
    Wheel Size 8" x 2.17"

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