Yamaha M18 - 12V Electric Outboard Engine

Yamaha M18 - 12V Electric Outboard Engine

SKU: M18-12V

The remarkable M18 - Just switch on and take off

Incredibly simple and quiet to use, these compact 12-Volt units have adjustable brackets for quick, easy fitting, so you can go straight out, switch on and have fun. They are very easy to control, with a conveniently positioned tiller and a comfortable hand grip.

They're built tough too, with permanent magnet motors, damage-resistant casings and coatings, and special composite drive shafts that won’t bend, break or corrode in normal use. A power propeller maximises thrust and resists trailing weeds and other underwater debris.

    • Very simple and light to carry about - and to fit
    • Surprisingly powerful - but easy to control
    • Tough construction and dependable 12-Volt motor
    • Almost indestructible composite prop shaft
    • Power propeller resists weeds and trailing debris
    • Quick-Cam Depth Adjuster - easy prop depth control
    • Extremely friendly to the environment
    • Telescoping