Stihl Chain 16" 55 Link PM3 3/8"P 1.3mm

Stihl Chain 16" 55 Link PM3 3/8"P 1.3mm

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Stihl replacement or spare chains.

Picco Micro 3 (PM3), 3/8"P 1.3mm 50l


Please check length, number of links, guage and pitch printed on bar and confirm they match beofre purchasing, or use our selection guide at the link above.



16" / 40 cm


Number of Links 



Gauge (the width of the groove where the chain fits into the bar): 

1.3mm / 0.050"


Pitch (the distance between the chain's drive links): 

9.32mm / 3/8"P


File Size: 

4mm / 5/32" 


Part Number: 



Fits Stihl Products: (With 12" Bar) 

MS170, MS171, MS180, MS181, MS181CBE, MS190, MS190T, HT-KM, 009, 017, 018, 019, 019T, 021, 023, E140, E160, E180, HT 70, HT75, HT101

  • Top precision, tooth by tooth


    Choosing the right saw chain is a crucial factor for working efficiently with a chainsaw, which is why STIHL offers the perfect saw chains for every need, performance class and chainsaw make. All chains boast robust, premium quality. STIHL saw chains are manufactured with precision Swiss workmanship at the STIHL plant in Wil. They are made with special machines that STIHL also develops and produces.

  • Exclusive to STIHL:


    3/8" Picco Micro 3 (PM3) saw chain. This saw chain was specially designed for light, compact chainsaws and ensures less kickback and lower vibration levels. It combines exceptional cutting performance and quality with great user comfort. The 1/4" version features a flat and narrow design as well as the small chain pitch. It is ideal for use with pole pruners.