OKO Tyre Sealant 1250ml

OKO Tyre Sealant 1250ml

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OKO offers its best-selling Off Road puncture sealant in a handy squeezable 1250ml bottle.


This makes it an attractive retail product to sell in garden centres, garages, grasscutting dealers, mobility suppliers and plant supply & hire companies.


OKO Off Road in bottles also appeals to golf courses, horticultural service operations and companies who run fork lifts and other rubber-tyred vehicles.

Inner tubes are protected by OKO, and although tubes are less robust than tyres they will in most cases be sealed, so long as the tube is not badly torn or punctured right through both sides.


This OKO Puncture Tyre Sealant is designed to be convenient and user friendly. It will seal holes in the tyre tread caused by an object puncturing up to 10mm in diameter, ensuring a limited loss of air pressure. The OKO Puncture Tyre Sealant has been specially formulated to provide long term puncture protection in off road working conditions for industrial, agricultural, commercial and military vehicles. OKO Puncture Tyre Sealant can cope with various sized holes and has a multi-puncture sealing capability. It can hugely reduce puncture repair costs. The bottle contains everything you will need to use the product correctly, with a filler tube fitted into the bottle. The cap houses the valve core remover, which removes the valve from the valve stem allowing for the sealant to be squeezed into the inner tub. The leak is stopped as a result of the fluid being forced outwards and hardening on the surface stopping the leakage.

    • Prevents flat tyres​
    • Gives long term puncture protection
    • Minimises downtime and eliminates loss of revenue
    • Extends the useful life of a tyre
    • Offers security - Adds safety - Ensures peace of mind
    • Fluid sprayed through the valve onto the tyre
    • Will affect a permanent seal instantaneously without loss of air. 
    • Suitable for all heavy vehicles, tractors & agricultural vehicles, trailers, atv's, ect.