Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II

Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II


Powerful, durable and easy to manoeuvre, 50cc chainsaw with excellent performance and cutting capacity. Suitable for felling, limbing and bucking small and mid-sized trees as well as for challenging tree care. The slimmed-down design and host of innovative features make for efficient, reliable and comfortable operation. Price includes X-Force Laminated bar .325" 1.5mm Small bar mount and Saw chain H25 Micro chisel .325" 1,5 mm.


Cylinder displacement

50.1 см³


Handle type



Weight (excl. cutting equipment)

5.3 kg

  • Efficient Brushless Motor
    Husqvarna has created an advanced brushless motor that is 25 % more efficient than a standard brush motor. This means that the motor provides a high and consistent torque – even when you cut high.

    Maximum Runtime
    Choose between normal or savE™ mode, depending on conditions, for maximum power or maximum runtime. Either way, you’ll always get a perfect result.

    Tap 'n Go
    Heavy duty twin line cutting system with Tap 'n Go for quick line feed.

    Dual Direction
    The rotational direction of the trimmer head can be changed for less grass on walkways.

    High Handlebar
    High handlebar increases freedom of movement when working on slopes.

    Low Maintenance
    No refilling of fuel, fewer parts to serve and an electronically controlled drive system means less downtime and low operation costs.

    Lightweight & Well Balanced
    Our machines have a compact, slim construction with the front handle close to the centre of gravity. This makes them lightweight and well balanced – allowing you to work comfortably in all situations.

    Intuitive Keypad
    The battery machines are operated using an interactive keypad. You start and stop the machines easily by pushing a button. There’s also a savE button for maximising the runtime. The trimmers have an extra button for changing the trimmer head’s direction of rotation.

  • Engine:

    Power output 3.0 kW

    Cylinder displacement

    50.1 см³

    Maximum power speed

    10200 rpm

    Idling speed 2800 rpm

    Torque, max.

    3.15 Nm

    Torque, max. at rpm

    7800 rpm

    Clutch engagement speed (±120)

    3900 rpm

    Fuel consumption

    432 g/kWh

    Fuel consumption 1.3 kg/h
    Spark plug


    Electrode gap

    0.5 mm

    Ignition module air gap

    0.3 mm
    Oil pump type

    Adjustable flow, no idle flow

    Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V) 813 g/kWh[1]



    Bar length (inch) 13"

    Chain type


    Chain speed at 133% of maximum engine power speed

    26.1 m/s
    Sprocket type Rim 7

    Bar mount


    Recommended bar length, max

    20 in

    Recommended bar length, min

    13 in



    Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 5.3 kg



    Lubricant type Husqvarna 2 stroke or equiv. at 50:1
    Oil tank volume 0.32 l


    Sound and Vibration:

    Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 117 dB(A)

    Sound power level, measured

    115 dB(A)
    Sound pressure level at operators ear

    107 dB(A)

    Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front handle

    3.3 m/s²

    Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) rear handle

    4.9 m/s²


    1. This CO2 measurement results from testing over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions a(n) (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) and shall not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.
Fuel Type
Engine Size
Weight (excluding bar & chain)
Recommended Bar Length

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