Husqvarna 535FBx BackPack Chainsaw

Husqvarna 535FBx BackPack Chainsaw

Husqvarna 535FBx is the first application for top spacing. The design provide total load distribution, the engine is located in a harness on the user's back. The cutting equipment is hinged in a flexible suspension for best comfort and flexibility, to make work easy with high precision.


Cylinder displacement

34.6 см³


Power output

1.6 kW


Weight (excl. cutting equipment)

12.4 kg

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    Total load distribution

    The harness and suspension frame provide total load distribution.


    Flexible saw suspension

    The saw has a flexible suspension for less fatigue and increased comfort.


    X-Torq® engine

    The X-Torq® engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.


    Auto return stop switch

    When the machine is turned off, the stop button automatically returns to start position for trouble free start.


    Comfortable handle

    Comfortable and adjustable handle.



    Easier cold starting


    Chain lubrication


    Detachable shaft


  • Engine:

    Power output 1.6 kW
    Cylinder displacement 34.6 см³

    Maximum rpm output shaft

    8220 rpm
    Clutch engagement speed (±120)

    4300 rpm

    Torque, max.

    2 Nm

    Torque, max. at rpm

    6600 rpm

    Idling speed

    2900 rpm

    Fuel tank volume

    0.6 l

    Fuel consumption

    463 g/kWh

    Ignition module air gap

    0.3 mm

    Electrode gap

    0.5 mm



    Gear ratio 1.29



    Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 12.4 kg



    OEM Harness Integrated



    Lubricant type (bevel gear) Mineral grease



    Exhaust emissions (CO average) 418.31 g/kWh

    Exhaust emissions (CO₂ average)

    862 g/kWh

    Exhaust emissions (NOx average)

    0.46 g/kWh

    Exhaust emissions (HC average)

    40.51 g/kWh


    Sound and Noise:

    Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 111 dB(A)

    Sound pressure level at operators ear

    94 dB(A)

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