Honda UM161EB  Long Grass Mower 24"

Honda UM161EB Long Grass Mower 24"

Honda UM 161 EB Long Grass Mower



A variable Hydrostatic Drive grass cutter with 61cm steel cutter deck, powerful Pro Spec GXV 160 engine, Roto-stop® blade stop control and additional parking brake.



Our grass cutters are built for areas that are difficult to manage, like fields and roadsides. The free floating front wheels, hydrostatic drive and blade brake control make work easy and safe.


  • Robust cutter deck

    Each large cutter deck is made from pressed steel. Strong and light, they’re resistant to shock and are treated to prevent rust, UV abrasion and corrosion. Basically, our Grass cutters are tough cookies.


    Pro engines for pro workers

    Our 163cc Grass cutter engine is also pro-spec. This means it comes fitted with things like cast iron cylinder sleeves and high capacity air filters that make it the best choice for professional use.


    Roto-stop® blade stop

    The Blade brake control allows you to stop the blades quickly and safely, without having to turn the engine off. Ideal when you need to clear debris, or stop the blades in an emergency.


    Hydrostatic drive

    This drive type means the Grass cutter gently propels itself at a variable speed of your liking, so you’re working at a pace just right for you. It also rotates the blades at a constant speed to ensure you get an even cut.

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