Honda HRD536QXE Self Propelled Roller Lawnmower 21"

Honda HRD536QXE Self Propelled Roller Lawnmower 21"


Honda HRD 536 QXE


A 53cm (21 inch) wide, specialist pro engine petrol mower with self drive and Roto-stop®.


The HRD536 HXE is an incrediably robust and reliable lawn mower designed to tackle the big jobs with minimum effort. An aluminium deck with a reinforced handle, this lawnmower is built to cope with the unexpected. Features include Hydrostatic Drive and Roto Stop and powered by a 4-stroke Honda GCV160 engine.

  • Durable cutter decks

    Cast aluminium decks offer exceptionally high strength to weight ration and resistance to corrosion.


    Smooth control

    Hydrostatic drive gives you the greatest accuracy and a smooth stepless speed control.


    Made tough

    HRD lawnmowers are available with Honda Pro Spec GXV 160 engines.


    Cast iron drive shaft

    The long HRD working life is guaranteed with a durable cast iron cylinder sleeve and crankshaft.


    Reinforced cutter deck

    Protected by a tough cast aluminium deck and a reinforced cutter deck handle, the HRD is built to take on the most demanding jobs.