Stihl HL-KM Hedgetrimmer Attachment - Fixed Straight - 0 Degrees

Stihl HL-KM Hedgetrimmer Attachment - Fixed Straight - 0 Degrees

SKU: 42437405000

When combined with one of the STIHL KombiEngines the HL KM 0° hedge trimmer attachment becomes an incredibly powerful hedge cutter. Struggling to reach those tall hedges? With a total length of 107CM and a bar length of 50CM it can shape and trim high and wide hedges. When powered by the battery powered KMA KombiEngine, the HL KM 0° has all the power of a petrol engine without the noise. Weighing only 1.6kg on its own and 4.8kg in total when attached to the cordless KombiEngine, the HL-KM 0° creates an incredibly lightweight yet powerful battery powered hedge trimmer. Due to the nature of the Kombi-Tool, users can quickly switch between a range of tools including a hedge cutter and grass trimmer or even a leaf blower with great ease. The HLKM 0° is a great addition to anyones Kombi-Tool collection.


Only suitable for loop handle KombiEngines.

  • Tool Straight shaft long-reach hedge trimmer
    Overall length cm 107
    Blade length cm 50
    Recommended KombiEngine KM 56 RC-E / KM 94 RC-E
Blade Length

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