Honda HRX537HZE Self Propelled Lawnmower 21" Electric Start

Honda HRX537HZE Self Propelled Lawnmower 21" Electric Start


Honda HRX 537 HZE with Electric Start



A 53cm wide, durable, petrol mower with variable speed, electric start, auto-choke, low noise and Versamow™.



The HRX range has been refined even further. Now with the new GCV170 and GCV200 4-stroke engines, you’ll experience smooth controllable power through a Variable Select Drive, or a Hydrostatic Drive transmission; making cutting a medium to large sized lawn much easier on you.

  • Durable cutter decks

    The HRX deck is made of NeXite®. This high impact resistant material does not dent, rust, or corrode over time.

    Safety First

    The Roto-Stop® system allows you to stop the blades quickly and safely, without having to turn the engine off. Ideal when you need to empty the grass bag, clear debris, or traverse paths and driveways. (This feature is not available on the HRX 476 VKE and HRX 476 OJEX.)

    Cutting height adjustment

    With the HRX you can easily adjust the cutting height of your grass. Simply pressing the button at the side allows you to have precise control of lowering or raising the deck evenly.

    No spills

    Redesigned to make it much easier to refuel your HRX mower, the petrol tank filler cap is more than twice as large as the previous models.

    Electric start

    Simple and convenient, the electric key start ignition makes starting your lawnmower even easier and is fitted in addition to the standard recoil pull-start.

    Steady Away

    The HRX series is available with three different transmission options. Whether it’s our fixed single speed, the new Select Drive or Hydrostatic Drive; they all offer the highest level of smoothness and control.

    Versamow™ variable mulching

    Our Versamow™ system offers seven settings from full collection to full mulching, allowing precise control over the amount of grass clippings you think is best for fertilising your lawn.

    Hands on

    The HRX is so easy to maintain. The air filter can be simply changed by hand and the spark plug is much more accessible thanks to the new engine design.